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Reusable Snack Bags


Wrap your sandwiches and rolls in your Onya reusable sandwich wrap.

Made from recycled PET bottles, with a fully foodsafe PEVA lining.

Great for picnics, work, school and play.

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Uniquely designed for both your large roll/multiple sandwiches or to re-wrap that small half eaten toddler sandwich for later…

Also ideal for veggie sticks, snack foods, pizza, biscuits, croissants, bagels, muffins, pasties, pies and cakes.

Useful name/order window – Great for that lunch order at your favourite café or the school canteen

To clean, simply wipe with a cloth or handwash and line dry for a thorough clean.


  • Made with absolutely no animal products
  • 100% Vegan Friendly
  • Fully foodsafe PEVA lining
  • Dimensions: 44cms x 37cms
  • Made from up to 4 plastic bottles

A note on our packaging: Our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging which is made from post-consumer recycled material and printed with water based inks so it is suitable for both recycling or composting!

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Reusable Snack Bags

Don’t you just hate looking for the right lunchbox to store your snacks when you need food on the go? Most lunchboxes are usually either too bulky and large or too small. And, most worryingly of all, the majority of lunchboxes available today are made from plastic, a material that’s causing so much destruction to our planet.

Onya’s reusable snack bags are the solution you’ve been looking for as they make it super easy to take food with you on the go, and all whilst helping you to do your bit to help save our environment.

What are reusable snack bags?

Our snack pouches are manufactured from reusable materials and are specially developed to easily store your snacks and sandwiches in a reusable package, eliminating the need for single use plastic wrap and bags. 

What sets our snack bags apart from other types of snack packs is the fact that our wraps are made from recycled materials and are continuously reusable. That’s right; you can wash and reuse them as many times as you like, and they are fully recyclable at the end of their long life.

A healthier solution to plastic snack pouches?

Our reusable snack bags contain no PVA, petroleum or latex ingredients, made with 100% food safe materials and are also vegan so you can enjoy food that is stored in wraps that don’t promote any risks to your health. 

Our reusable snack and sandwich bags also make it much easier for you to eat fresh food from home whilst on the go as your snacks will be easy to keep On Ya.   

Reusable snack pouches that save on space

Our snack wraps take up much less space when compared with other plastic ware like lunchboxes, making them easy to take along on road trips.

Stock up on any type of snack you like

Investing in reusable snack bags in Australia from Onya will ensure that you always have a means of bringing food with you without creating any plastic waste whilst on the go.

Kids love them for bringing sandwiches to school. Adults love them for their versatility as they can be used for all kinds of foods from dried fruits and cut veggies to bagels and cake. Everyone loves them for their eco-friendliness.

Isn’t it time you bought reusable snack pouches online so that you too can enjoy foods on the road with the added peace of mind that you’re not harming the environment?

Onya specialises in a great range of reusable products throughout Australia. You can also find a selection of reusable produce bags, reusable shopping bags, reusable grocery bags, reusable coffee cups, reusable vegetable bags & more. Browse our latest range online.

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