Reusable Alternatives to Single use Plastic

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  • It was easy to shop for the products I wanted on the website. They arrived quickly and I absolutely love using my new bags. They look great, are small and easy to take everywhere I go and they fit a lot in them. I am extremely happy with my overall ONYA experience and have already been recommending these products to everyone I speak to. Thanks ONYA ;)

    Amy G - via Email

  • Hi! Just a courtesy email to say I'm ordering a 3rd jacket for my trusty water bottle that I bought from you about 10 years ago. I teach fitness classes and it always sees me through. I've seen other bottles but your is surpassed by none. I almost feel like Trigger and his brooms in Only Fools and horses but not quite! The lids and jackets have changed but the bottle remains the same. I load it up with ice and cucumber chunks and sometimes lemon or iced mint tea when I'm not working. Thank you for being one of the leaders in this now hot topic when you were doing it long, long before. Kudos to you!

    Nadia S via Email

  • You have been an eco warrior for years before it became popular. Go Onya. Glad to have been with you from the start. For years I have had comments every time I use these amazing bags. Always kept in my hand bag so I can whip them out when needed. Keep up the great work.

    Jill P - via Facebook

  • Well done on proactively marketing your product lifecycle use though to disposal. Most "eco" product producers/suppliers/retailers don't and greenwash consumers who are trying to do the right thing.

    Lauren B - via Facebook

  • We have been using Onya since you started. I remember holidaying in Australia and taking bags back to the UK for my mum and mother in law. My mum continues to use Onya, as we do - and we moved here in 2006. Love your products, and they are so well made - which is a hard thing to find these days!

    Rachael M - via Facebook

  • Such an amazing brand! It’s truly the ethical and sustainable businesses like yours that make the world of difference! Keep up the amazing work!

    @forwardmatter - via Instagram

  • I love your products and your ongoing efforts to produce them in a responsible manner. The quality is amazing. I work in Early Childhood Education and highly recommend Onya Life Stainless Steel drink bottles with replacement lids for all children.

    @jody_melbourne_vic - via Instagram

  • My order was processed quickly and in my hands in a few days. Products arrived in excellent condition. I love the packaging, which is minimal & recyclable. The best bit is the products inside which are well made and thoroughly built to last. Onya- Onya!

    Peta T via Email


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