Choose sustainable seafood for the future

Our oceans depend on humans to keep them going in future, and the choices we make about the types of fish and shellfish we consume will have a long lasting effect on the health of the sea.

Activities such as overfishing and poor aquaculture practices can significantly impact the ocean habitat for many types of marine life.

Overfishing causes a decrease in the stocks of certain fish species. This has a trickle down effect on the marine ecosystems, as removing one mass can affect the rest of the environment.

Across the world a whopping 80 per cent of the fish stocks are overexploited or fished up to their maximum limit.

Our oceans were once considered inexhaustible, but recently it has be found this is simply not true.

Making careful choices about the types of seafood your family consumes can help to ensure seabeds are kept healthy.

By choosing to purchase products that have been caught or produced sustainably, you are going a long way to ensure the long term safety of a valuable resource.

In Australian waters, almost one in every six stocks of fish is overfished and for some species recovery is decades away, according to the Australian Marine Conservation Trust.
There is still uncertainty surrounding the effects of overfishing certain species and what role this plays on the health of the surrounding environment, so it pays to be cautious.

Another small step your family can make to ensure the sea remains healthy is to be careful about the types of plastic containers you use. Make sure you collect all your rubbish if you head down to the beach so it does not end up in the sea where it can damage fish and other marine life.

Choosing items such as reusable sandwich bags and reusable produce bags will mean fewer bits of plastic end up in the sea, too.