Four easy ways to teach your kids about sustainable living

To continue helping the environment by making smart eco friendly choices, it's important that future generations are educated on how to make the same decisions themselves.

Kids pick habits up from their parents, which is why taking the steps to achieve an eco friendly lifestyle at home is likely to be the most positive influence you can have on them.

There are plenty of fun ways to teach kids about the importance of sustainable living.

Make a worm farm

Compost might not seem that exciting to kids – until you add earthworms. Children can be fascinated or horrified by the concept of creepy crawlies. Both reactions will get their attention long enough to teach them that creating a worm farm and compost heap helps break down waste material quickly, aerates soil and helps make fertiliser for growing trees and plants.

Make it about fun competition

Give kids an opportunity to show their competitive side and learn about saving resources at the same time. Mini competitions like who can remember to pack their reusable bag on a trip to the supermarket or who can take the fastest shower will get kids interested, as well as teaching them about treating the environment with respect.

Transform items

Instead of recycling 'rubbish' items immediately, why not try to think of a way to recycle them yourself? Kids have wild imaginations and will love writing down all their ideas for how an old item could be used – then putting them into practice. Try turning a collection of old crayons into candles or aluminium cans into storage for pens and other bits and pieces.

Grow your own vegetable garden

Kids love growing (and eating) things, so creating your own vege patch can be a great way to teach kids how to create a sustainable source of food. They will also love learning that by doing so, they help reduce greenhouse gases that are contributed to by transport of fruit and vegetables. Try kid-friendly, low maintenance plants like strawberries, beans and cherry tomatoes.