Join the Kids Cook Monday revolution

Children are the future and as such it is important to ensure you are teaching your prodigal sons and daughters good habits.

Encouraging your children to get involved with Kids Cook Monday is a great way for them to learn about sustainable processes as well as good nutrition – lessons that will serve them well in times to come.

Kids Cook Monday is a global movement aimed to encourage kids to get involved in the kitchen, something with many benefits.

Here are some great reasons to incorporate this choice into your weekly plans.

Nutritional benefits

Home cooked meals are better for you than the alternative and provide an excellent way to avoid all those nasty chemicals and sweeteners you find all too often in heavily processed items.

Plus, it allows you to choose only sustainable ingredients, such as organic meat and produce that uses fewer chemicals and less water to produce.

You can give your children some great lessons about healthy items, too, and they are more likely to eat food they have cooked themselves!

Sustainable benefits

Teaching your child to cook provides you with the incentive to discuss where your food has come from.

If they question your use of reusable produce bags, make sure you inform them of the benefits of choosing sustainable items over plastic bags that only end up in landfill.

Encourage your child's curiosity in this area as we pick up important habits when we are young, so it is essential to instill the importance of protecting the planet right from the get-go.

You could also take the time to explain why it is better to repurpose leftovers for lunch the next day in reusable sandwich bags rather than tossing leftovers in the bin.

Family time

Creating a delicious meal together will provide you with a great opportunity to bond with your children, an important activity to partake in particularly as these children get older.

If you have multiple children, it could be a great way to give each of them a little one-on-one time with you.