Reasons and ways to reduce single-use plastic in the workplace

Making your office a more eco-friendly environment can be done simply, and can have a lasting effect on your employees and brand image. Individuals are becoming increasingly aware of their role in taking care of the environment and your customers and employees alike will love your commitment to getting behind such a great cause.

Onya Innovations offers high-quality, sustainable bags and sandwich wraps that welcome your logos and designs – ready for distribution as promotional products that get your name out there as well as illustrating your passion for eliminating a negative issue that continues to plague our planet.

Here are a few steps to reducing the use of single-use plastic in your workplace.

1. Place a ban on single-use water bottles

This may seem extreme initially, but it is a surefire way to raise awareness of the negative impact of these bottles amongst your employees. Single-use water bottles take over 1,000 years to bio-degrade, and even if we melt them down to eliminate this waste, they still release horrible toxic fumes into our environment, according to The Water Project. It is a lose-lose situation, and the need for all individuals to carry a reusable, eco-friendly drink bottle has never been more important. 

To ease into the ban, supply your workers with a complimentary stainless-steel, chemical-free water bottle from Onya Innovations. They provide your workers with a sleek and attractive daily item that can give them sound mind in regards to the impact they are having on the environment.

2. Encouraging use of re-usable lunch options

Food wrappers and plastic bottles are two of the top three items of waste found littering the world's beautiful beaches, causing danger for animals inhabiting these areas, according to Ocean Conservancy. Here at Onya, we've identified the need for items such as shopping bags and sandwich wraps that can be used repeatedly, maintain their quality, are made from 100 per cent sustainable materials and don't end up littering the world's stunning natural landscape.

In a world where individuals are quickly understanding the importance of living a life that works with the environment, rather than against it, it's important to stay on top of this trend and affiliate your brand with this movement. Re-usable shopping bags and sandwich wraps are the perfect step to advertising your company's message on a platform that is already highlighted by positivity.

Don't waste valuable marketing dollars on products that will be quickly discarded – invest in quality products that will be used time and again by your employees, consumers and friends.

3. Provide incentives and support for employee participation

You'll be surprised at how involved your employees will want to get in on this project. Knowledge of the importance of clean, green living is becoming more widespread, so it makes sense that your workers will be passionate about their workplace's commitment to the movement.

Provide incentives that encourage your employees to come up with new, innovative ideas to reduce your company's footprint – it can also be beneficial to create a sustainability group that meets up regularly to discuss issues and ideas that will help educate others of the importance of avoiding single-use plastic in the office.

Promotional products at Onya help you to align your workplace with an eco-friendly and sustainable image that will be welcomed by those in-office as well as your customers. Be sure to take advantage of your ability to promote your company's logo on quality products that will be used daily and gain attention for all the right reasons.