Three reasons to lace up your walking shoes and hit the pavement

The thought of lacing up your dusty walking shoes and hitting the pavement may seem an undesirable prospect to some Australians who love the comfort and convenience of their trusty car.

However, have you thought about the damage your driving habit might be doing to the environment? Cars are a known contributor of harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and you could be unknowingly undoing your 'clean and green' approach of buying eco friendly products just by driving up to the corner store to grab a bottle of milk.

Here are three reasons why you shouldn't be scared of getting your walk on:

It contributes zero CO2 emissions

Walking is potentially the most unobtrusive method of transport out there. Unlike cars, buses or trains, no fossil fuels or other energy sources except your own two feet are used to get you from place to place. In comparison, the Royal Automotive Club of Western Australia states 2.3 kg of CO2 is emitted per litre of petrol used by your car, and the average passenger car emits four tonnes of CO2 per year. If you can, make an effort to walk to work or school, or even just to the shops to do the environment a big favour!

It's good for you

Aside from its little environmental impact, walking is also a great form of exercise. According to the State Government of Victoria's Better Health Channel, in consultation with Physical Activity Australia, walking can increase your cardiovascular fitness levels, reduce risk of heart disease and stroke, strengthen bones, increase muscle strength and reduce body fat.

The low impact nature of walking means it's a great activity for any age and any level of fitness – just remember to bring one of your stainless steel drink bottles along with you, as a brisk walk is bound to work up a thirst!

It's social

Starting your own walking group could be a great way to meet new friends at the same time as you help out the environment and get fit. Plus, you'll be able to explore some of the gorgeous scenic walks and tracks Australia has to offer.