3 eco friendly activities with the kids

When it comes to the weekend, do you find yourself wondering what kind of activities you can partake in with your kids – that are also friendly to the environment?

Sometimes activities can come at a cost to the planet, if they involve driving around burning a lot of fuel or using a lot of power. 

Here are three things you can enjoy with your young ones that will keep your conscience – and the environment – squeaky clean.

A picnic in the park

Pack a picnic with all your child's favourite foods included, making sure to use reusable sandwich wraps rather than single-use, throwaway plastic. Get your kids involved in the process filling up sandwiches, helping with baking or wrapping up your treats. 

Bring plenty of water – or a beverage of your choice – in stainless steel drink bottles

Walk to the park, and don't forget to bring a bunch of fun toys, such as a ball to kick around, with you. It'll be a wonderful day out.

Have fun with board games

It it a rainy or cold day? Stay indoors – without having to worry about using a lot of power by watching television or staying glued to the computer.

Board games, such as Monopoly or Cluedo, are crowd-pleasing activities that can keep the family entertained for hours. Revisit your youth with a fun board games session and introduce your favourite childhood games to your kids. They'll soon be hooked, too.

Get your green thumb on

There's plenty to do out in the garden that's fun for kids.

Teach them how to plant seeds and nurture flowers, or if you have a fruit tree, take some of its pickings. 

If you are keen to get involved in the community, you could always volunteer as a family to plant some trees in a local area or pick up rubbish at the beach.