Get waste-wise with your lunchbox

Packing your child a healthy and nutritious lunch is one thing, but what about an eco friendly and waste-free lunch?

Kids' lunchboxes can be filled with plastic, foil, and all sorts of wraps and packaging – items which most of the time will be headed straight for landfill as soon as your child finishes their sandwiches.

The thing about this kind of waste is that it's completely unnecessary considering all the simple and easy options out there for reducing lunchtime litter.

Here is some information about why going waste-free at lunchtime is a good idea, and how you can change your child's lunchbox to have a positive impact on the environment.

Why go waste free?

Many types of plastic cling wrap cannot even be recycled so are destined for the landfill from the beginning. 

According to Living Smart Queensland, Australia is one of the world's highest waste producers, producing over 18 million tonnes of waste per year.

This is damaging to the natural environment and often to wildlife such as birds and sea mammals that can eat or get caught up in plastic litter.

A large portion of Australia's waste is generated from the household, made up of rubbish such as food packaging and – you guessed it – plastics such as plastic wrap!

With this in mind, it just seems right to play your part in reducing waste – and why not when it can be as easy as using a reusable sandwich wrap?

Reusable wraps

Reusable sandwich wrap eliminates the need for that pesky plastic wrap.

Instead of using single-use disposable wraps for your child's lunches, switch to a reusable wrap made from foodsafe materials.

These can be easily washed and reused time and time again for a variety of foods, meaning you won't need to spend money every week on a new supply of disposable wrap, and unnecessary waste won't be headed for landfill.