Keeping the kids active through the summer

The summer school holidays are long, giving your children plenty of opportunity to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors.

But there's always a catch – and in this case, it means that there's just as much time to sit around playing inside with video games and other electronic devices.

While this is fine in moderation, an increasing number of Aussie kids aren't getting enough physical activity.

Not to mention, the use of these electronic devices all summer isn't kind to your power bill.

This summer, try setting some limits on the time spent inside using this technology. This can be in the form of time limits, or can be an arrangement such as they can play their games as long as they have done some form of physical activity for an hour that day.

Because it will be hot, they're unlikely to want to play sport outside all day, so encourage activities involving the water – after all, it's beach season! The sun can be fierce, though, so make sure to keep an eye on their sun safety with sensible clothing and regular sunscreen applications.

Time dedicated to getting moving is also great family time. Why not head out for a hike in the cool of the mountains, have family walks in the morning, or a regular beach day? Take a picnic with your eco friendly products such as reusable sandwich wrap so you don’t generate any rubbish or accidentally leave it behind, harming wildlife.

If you get active alongside your children, it's a great way to role model healthy behaviour that they are then more likely to continue through their lives.