School lunches: waste not, want not

Do you send your child to school with a lunchbox full of cling-wrapped items?

Have you ever wondered about the money you'd save, and the good you'd do for the environment, if you ditched the plastic and switched to a product such as a reusable sandwich wrap instead?

Here are some ways you can get rid of unnecessary plastic wrap so that your child's lunch is healthier, cheaper, and more sustainable.

Avoid the packaging

When trying to cut down on lunchtime litter also take into account the kinds of food you're buying. It's likely that the healthier the food you're packing into your kid's lunch, the less packaging it will have!

For example, filling a lunchbox with fruits such as mandarins, apples and bananas is a sure-fire way to cut down on plastic litter.

Unhealthier foods such as packaged chips, biscuits, and chocolate bars all pack more of a plastic waste punch.

Instead of buying items like yogurt in their individual pots, buy a one or two litre sized container and put individual portions into a reusable container for your child each day – this too prevents against unnecessary plastic waste!

Another bonus of packing healthy foods that generate less rubbish is that you know you're sending your child off to school with healthier foods.

Contain it

When it comes to items such as sandwiches, washable and reusable sandwich wrap will mean that you'll never need to reach for that plastic cling wrap ever again.

If you are going to include foods such as biscuits, salads, crackers or cheese, then simply invest in some reusable containers rather than throwaway, single-use wraps or storage.

If your child uses a lunchbox, make sure it's an environmentally friendly one that will go the distance.