Three healthy and delicious workplace lunch ideas

We all know that work can get busy, and sometimes it's easy to neglect our bodies when it comes down the final crunch by skipping that lunch in favour of getting a little more work done.

However, it's just as important to look after our bodies with nourishing food as it is to look after our environment, so you should always make the effort to put together a quick meal before you leave the house.

It's easy when you have a reusable sandwich wrap – simply throw together a meal and use your reusable wrap to keep it nice and fresh until you feel the hunger pangs setting in!

Here are some easy, delicious and healthy workplace lunch ideas:

Mediterranean-style wrap

A yummy wrap filled with bursting flavours is the perfect healthy, on-the-go, and filling lunchtime snack. For this one, wrap cooked chicken tenders, cous cous, fresh parsley, mint, cucumber and tomato in a spinach wrap. Add a crack of black pepper, a dash of extra-virgin olive oil and some lemon juice and garlic for a mouth-watering flavour combination. Divine!

Grilled chicken sandwich

Lean grilled chicken, avocado rich in 'good-fats' and healthy greens are what makes this snack a perfect fuel for getting through the work day. Use your avocado as a spread instead of butter on wholegrain or multigrain bread, and add grilled chicken breast and sliced mango, capsicum and a selection of salad leaves. Don't be afraid to stuff it full – your reusable sandwich wrap will keep it nicely together.

Banana bran muffins

Your reusable sandwich wrap isn't reserved for just sandwiches, so fill it with delicious treats like baking. Not all baking has to be unhealthy – there are plenty of nutritious baking recipes out there. Banana bran muffins are packed full of fibre with ingredients such as wheat bran, whole-wheat flour, ripe bananas, chopped walnuts and protein-rich eggs. They're delicious, and also a great way to get rid of those ripe bananas you might otherwise throw away. Enjoy as you read your emails with a coffee – with skim milk, of course!