Top 4 tips for saving energy in the home

In this day and age it's getting easier and easier to save energy around the home.

Due to rising electricity prices and concerns over carbon pollution, an increasing number of Australians are deciding to save on money and electricity by taking simple steps around the home.

1 – Ditch the hot water

Most often, unless clothes are heavily soiled, washing them in cold water will do the trick just fine. The greatest operating cost of using your washing machine is heating the water, so if you cut back on this then you're likely to save a lot on your energy bills.

As well as this, unless you really need to dry an item quickly, try to hang your clothes outside or on a clothes horse to dry, rather than using the dryer – you'll notice the difference in your electricity bill pretty quickly.

2 – Limit dishwasher use

Only switch your dishwasher on once it is completely full. Don't waste all that water and energy if you just need to clean a few dishes! Up your energy efficiency and wait til it's bursting at the seams.

3 – Check your temperatures

Think about what in your home is temperature controlled. The temperatures of your hot water, clothes dryer, washing machine, heaters and maybe more can all be altered.

Consider lowering the temperatures of eachitem by a couple of degrees. For instance, it's unlikely you'll notice if your water is a little less hot – when do we use the very hottest water in the shower anyway?

This is one small change that is likely to make a huge difference to your energy use, and your power bill.

4 – Switch your light bulbs

Using eco friendly products around the home is something that's quickly catching on. Many people are choosing to swap out their traditional light bulbs and replace them with energy efficient, 'green' ones to save on electricity.