What to do after Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and sometimes that means excess. Often on Christmas day Australians, and others all around in the world, will indulge in their favourite foods and spend a lot of money of presents for this one big event.

By the end of the day, there are likely to be piles of leftovers, scores of torn wrapping paper and bits of packaging that have been excitedly pried off gifts.

While this can all be a part of this one-day extravaganza, make sure you follow a few end-of-day tips to help your Christmas remain green.


Too often, discarded wrapping paper and plastic and cardboard packaging will end up in the bin. Make sure you actually sort through this before you throw it away, and see what can be put in the recycling receptacle.

If you have taken wrapping paper off an item particularly flawlessly, you may even want to reuse the paper yourself.

Utilise your leftovers

Don't just bin any food that you haven't eaten. How about distributing your leftovers amongst your guests so you know it's going to a good home?

Reusable sandwich wraps can keep ingredients fresh, or are great for the next day when someone makes a chicken or turkey sandwich and needs something to carry it to work in.

There will also be many dishes you'll be able to freeze for a later date, or store in the fridge and graze on over the next few days. Sometimes this is one of the best parts of the post-Christmas period!

You can also think about taking some extra food to elderly neighbours or friends, who might not have had much in the way of their own celebration.