Stay Healthy With Fresh Produce This Winter

Today we’re looking at ways to stay healthy in the lead up to winter, including fresh produce.

While we may have it fairly easy here in Australia, the dip in temperature outside is often enough to keep us all inside. This means that with the arrival of winter, we can often let our exercise regime drop a bit.

If you’ve seen our video about the benefits of exercise, you’ll know why this is a bad idea.

Even if the elements are against you, there are plenty of ways to keep up your exercise indoors, like gym classes. Not only will you be doing your body a favour, you’ll also be sure to warm yourself up!

It’s important to also be eating a diet high in the nutrients you can get from fresh produce this winter. With all the bugs floating around, Web MD suggests that you keep your vitamin C levels up with fruits and vegetable like oranges, kale and capsicums, broccoli and even strawberries, to mention a few.

Although salads might not be the same refreshing option they are in summer, wintertime means that you can get your veggie fix with delicious soups on a cool day.

To help you stock up on your fruit and veg this winter, be prepared with one of our Onya Reusable Produce Bags. Not only are they gentle on your fresh produce, they’re also gentle on the planet.

That’s all for this time, we’ll see you again soon!