Take A Look At The Natural Beauty Of The Northern Lights

If you use eco friendly products in the home, there’s every chance you want to see the Earth’s natural beauty preserved for future generations. Sure, some man-made attractions are all very well – but you simply can’t get much better than phenomena created by Mother Nature herself!

One of the most renowned natural phenomena in the world are the gorgeous dancing Northern Lights. Rich, vibrant colours glitter and light up the night sky in a display of natural beauty.

Most commonly seen are the hues of pink and pale green, but red, yellow, blue and violent have also been captured. The lights can also be observed in many different forms, from streamers and ‘curtains’ of light to ‘shooting rays’, and can extend from 80 to 640 km above the Earth’s surface.

The best thing about this stunning display is that it’s created entirely by nature. In fact, according to the Northern Lights Centre, the lights occur as a result of collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the Earth’s atmosphere.

Norway is renowned as a fantastic place to witness this magical phenomenon, but you can also see the lights from various places in the southern and northern hemispheres, and they occur over each magnetic pole. North America is a great place to visit if you want to see the lights, as various places, including Alaska, Yukon, northwest Canada, Nunavet and the Northern Territories have all been treated to stunning displays.

However, if you want to get the best view, it’s recommended you find a spot with clear skies, free from smog or other atmospheric pollution. This highlights the need for us to continue using our eco friendly products – by continually contributing pollution with disposable products, we are not only harming the environment, but could be reducing the likelihood of witnessing the Northern Lights!