The Future Earth initiative

Australia is helping to lead the way in an inspiring global Future Earth initiative.

Future Earth is an international, ten-year research project with the aim of developing knowledge on how to respond to the risks and opportunities of climate change. It will also look into ways of supporting the transformation towards global sustainability in the coming years.

Furthermore, it will make recommendations on new and existing projects as well as emerging research priorities, collaboratively finding solutions for sustainability and environmental change and development challenges to make sure that human needs for food, water, energy and health are met.

How is Future Earth going to go about this?

Future Earth will utilise thousands of scientists while creating strong partnerships with policy and decision makers as well as other stakeholders who will come together to provide sustainable solutions.

On June 21, the Australian Academy of Science has announced that an Australian scientist will chair the Science Committee of Future Earth.

Australians finding solutions

Dr Mark Stafford-Smith, a researcher for the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) has been appointed inaugural chair, while professor Xuemei Bai was appointed as a member of the committee.

"Future Earth is an important international research initiative" said professor Andrew Holmes, foreign secretary of the Academy.

"To have two Australians appointed to this 18-member team – one as its chair – is a strong endorsement of Australia’s contribution to global knowledge on climate change, and well deserved recognition of Dr Stafford-Smith’s and professor Bai’s important work."

This initiative should inspire Australians to make their own lifestyles more sustainable, perhaps through measures such as purchasing eco friendly products, choosing to be more energy efficient around the home and making efforts to reduce waste.