The price of your coffee cup

A cafe culture has well and truly established itself in Australia, with those flocking to their favourite stops every day or even twice-daily to enjoy a nice beverage or two. Consumed in the morning, on a work break, or leisurely throughout the weekend, coffee is a drink Australians love to enjoy.

However, the coffee you buy from your favourite cafe each morning might not be altogether innocent.

While coffee drinking seems like a relatively harmless pleasure, the amount of waste it has the potential to create is not.

If you drink one cup of takeaway tea or coffee a day, that's 365 cups likely headed for landfill just from one person.

If even half of Australia's population drank one takeaway cup a day, that would add up to 365 million coffee cups – a hugely significant amount of waste from just one product.

Most takeaway cups are just thrown in the closest bin, and many are not made from recyclable material even if they were to be put in such a bin.

Luckily, there's an easy solution to all this unnecessary waste. Reusable coffee cups are one way you are still able to get your daily caffeine fix without feeling guilty about throwing your cup away.

A bonus of getting yourself a reusable coffee cup is that often, a store will give you a discount since you are not using up their supply of throwaway ones! Because of this, your own coffee cup tends to pay itself off quickly.

As well as this, the reusable mugs can easily be washed and dried and used for a variety of different beverages, so they're great for when you're out on-the-go and aren't sure what you'll be getting.

So ditch the takeaway cups and begin the journey to more sustainable living.