Unlikely habits destroying your eco friendly lifestyle – and how to change them

If leading an eco friendly lifestyle is one of your New Year's resolutions, it's likely you've already taken action to fix old habits like 20-minute showers or leaving the lights on when you've left the room.

However, you might be destroying your newfound sustainable outlook without even realising it. Here are some common habits that aren't so sustainable, and products that could help you improve them.

Your morning coffee

This is a must-have for many as their pick-me-up on a Monday morning. Although it might not seem like your daily disposable coffee cups make much of a dent in the overall scheme of things, coffee cups can produce up to 7,000 tonnes of waste in Australia each year, according to the University of Queensland.

Try using a reusable coffee cup and making your coffee at home or asking your usual barista to make it in your cup.

Going shopping

Remembering to take an eco friendly bag on a supermarket run is now autopilot for many shoppers. But how many of us take one on a clothing shopping trip?

Bags from many stores are often non-recyclable, causing unnecessary waste material that is environmentally damaging. When you can, don't use a bag at all, but always keep an environmentally friendly bag handy just in case.

Buying water

Go Tap Australia estimates Australia's annual use of plastic bottles creates up to 60,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. If that's not enough to scare you off buying bottled water, consider that 373 million plastic bottles end up as waste each year in Australia.

Using a stainless steel drink bottle will eliminate your contribution to this shocking statistic, and also protects you and your family from any nasty chemicals that could be found in the plastic of mass-produced bottles.