Ways To Enjoy Your Coffee This Winter

There’s no time like winter to enjoy a hot cup of coffee – and it might just be the perfect season to try a new flavour or variety.

Here are some types you might want to try, but don’t forget to enjoy them in your handy reusable coffee cup to be kind of the environment.


An Americano coffee is great for strong coffee lovers. Similar to a Long Black, it consists of a shot of espresso with equal amounts hot water. For even more pep in your step, order a Double Americano, which comes with two shots of espresso. That’s sure to wake you up!

Irish coffee

For a naughty, winter warming treat, try an Irish coffee – just make sure you don’t have to drive afterwards!

The recipe varies, but most often this festive brew contains hot black coffee, Irish whisky and brown sugar, and is topped off with thick cream.

It’s a rich and indulgent treat, but can be a perfect way to warm up on a winter evening.

Cafe Noisette

This type of coffee is espresso-based, but is topped up with hot milk. The milk is often served in a small jug to be poured by the customer at their leisure. Expect a warm, slightly nutty tasting brew! This coffee variety is particularly popular in France.


Galao coffee’s origin can be traced back to Portugal, and is made up of both espresso and foamed milk. It comes in a tall glass rather than a cup, most of which is taken up by the foamed milk.


A Vienna coffee uses shots of espresso mixed with whipped cream, rather than milk or sugar, to make a delightfully sweet and creamy beverage. It’s often topped off with a nice sprinkling of chocolate, too, and makes a great caffeinated alternative to a hot chocolate.

Now that you know about all these coffees – which one will you try first?