Why Should Your Charity Use Promotional Products?

As a charitable organisation, it can sometimes be difficult to promote your cause in a cost-effective, manageable and sustainable way. This is where environmentally friendly promotional products can step in. When charities use promotional products, it can pave the way for increased awareness of the issues you promote, as well as potentially attracting a wider pool of possible donors.

There are many reasons why people give to a charity, whether due to personal experience of the cause being promoted, or having experienced help from an organisation in a time of need themselves. Whoever is donating to your organisation has already made a conscious decision that they identify with your organisation’s ethos, and there are ways to further increase the numbers of people who support your group.


Many donors and other interested parties related to your organisation, including potential funders, don’t wish to receive pages and pages of glossy brochures and other material from a charity. They can see this as a waste of precious natural resources as well as valuable funds which could be better directed elsewhere in the organisation.

Instead of this, why not conduct business entirely online and paperless as frequently as possible? This could include operating a strict no-printing policy in your offices, which would save paper from being used unnecessarily. Use email to communicate information to supporters and stakeholders alike, and if conducting meetings, consider using video conferencing.

These measures are great for connecting with colleagues, including those based internationally and out on the field in an easier and less expensive way – plus reducing the need for transport and other possible carbon footprint contributors to promote in a green way.

Raising awareness

Designing reusable bags that are unique to your charity are a powerful method to get your message out there, as they promote in a subtle yet effective way.

The practical purposes of the bags are evident, whether for carrying shopping or other essential items, and they’re increasing becoming a strong fashion statement as wider industries and public mindsets shift to an altogether more green, sustainable perspective.