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Reusable Produce Bags & Food Wraps Online

Anyone who is paying attention is aware by now that our planet is facing many threats, even if all the reasons and threat levels cannot be agreed upon. One thing that cannot be disputed is that we all have a personal choice to make right now. We can either:

Responsible manufacturers like Onya have chosen the third option as we don't want to passively watch the planet deteriorate in front of our eyes. We not only hope that our efforts can make a difference directly, but that we can help inspire others to follow our lead.

Reusable plastic products

One of the easiest ways to help our planet recover from the effects of human habitation, or at least to slow down those effects, is to reduce the amount of plastic waste we create.

Onya addresses this problem directly by creating alternatives to single use plastic products. For example, we were among the first to offer reusable coffee cups online in Australia.

That's not all we produce, though. We're also a source of reusable plastic shopping bags online, reusable produce bags, reusable bread bags, stainless steel drink bottles, and you can even buy reusable sandwich wraps online from Onya.

Our eco friendly bags and backpacks are made using 100% recycled material, and all of our products are durable, food safe, BPA-free, and completely recyclable. Our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging which is made from post-consumer recycled material and printed with water based inks so it is suitable for both recycling and composting.

Innovative recycling

Our approach to using recycling material is quite different to the average reusable product manufacturer. We wanted to find ways to recycle plastic drink bottles that would make very useful and long lasting products people would use daily and love owning. The result was a range of shopping bags, produce bags, bread bags, side bags and backpacks that are really versatile, easy to carry, and are extremely compact when not in use.

We believe our method is truly the most innovative employment of recycling technology to offer reusable bags in Australia. Buying Onya bags means you get a reliable product while helping the environment by reducing waste, pre- and post-manufacturing.

The more that Australians use our reusable produce bags, Australia will see a substantial reduction in a single use plastic that creates unnecessary waste, reducing landfill content and keeping harmful plastic out of our waterways.

Alternatives to plastics

Recycling plastics is not the only way to help the environment. By encouraging the use of plastic alternatives, when those alternatives provide a healthier option for you and the planet, the overall manufacturing of new plastic products will reduce in line with falling demand.

The main product we have in this category for the moment is our stainless steel BPA free drink bottles range, available in three different sizes and a variety of colours, with accessories available for insulation and protection, as well as for carrying ease.

Onya is for people who care

If you don't want to be one of those who just sit on the sidelines watching the health of the planet decline, take a positive step toward change by purchasing from Onya and like-minded manufacturers.

The advantages of owning Onya products include:

We know that much more needs to be done, but even a small change can grow into something much larger over time. So if you care about the environment and love getting value on useful products, Onya is the right choice for you.

Onya specialises in a great range of reusable products throughout Australia. You can also find a selection of reusable shopping bags, reusable coffee mugs, reusable ziplock bags, fabric lunch bags, snack bags & more. Browse our latest range online.

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