5 Waste Free Easter Traditions to Start This Year

Waste Free Easter

It’s A Matter of Tradition

Everyone has their own Easter traditions and my mum was no different.

She was a “waste free” gal from way back, even though she may not have known it.

Every year she would choose our favourite hat, fill it with real straw and place either home made Easter eggs, or as a treat, store bought eggs in jewel-like foil, into the hats.

These hats would all be placed on the kitchen table, and then using flour, mum would make little rabbit foot prints using her index, middle finger and thumb, leading from the front door, to the dining table.  The tracks would then go up the leg of the table, around all our hats (where the Easter Bunny left eggs as he went) and then down the leg of the dining table and out the back door.

It was always magical to wake up Easter Sunday to follow the Easter Bunny’s hap-hazard journey through our home, and then the delight of seeing what he had brought us.

I think the secret to making Easter less about consumerism and more about the “magic” has to do with the ability to create beautiful lasting memories with your family, and maybe start your own waste free Easter traditions?

The Chocolate Alternatives

Not everything at Easter needs to be about chocolate.  There are some really rather wonderful ways to give gifts that are not only plastic free, but chocolate free too.

Hot Cross Buns

make a wonderful plastic free Easter gift, especially when given in a useful cloth like a cotton tea towel that can be used many times over for years to come.  What could be better than greeting your friends and family with the heady scent of freshly cooked buns?

How about a posy of fresh flowers or greenery from your garden?

These can be fresh cut and presented to your guests in old jam jars and finished with a pretty fabric bow or even string, with a hand written note.

Do you have a vegetable patch or chooks?

I know I love receiving fresh produce from my friends, family or neighbours. What could be more traditional than handing your loved ones a reusable container filled with hay and fresh laid eggs?

Wooden hand painted eggs

Encouraging your kids to paint some wooden eggs is a wonderful way to create beautiful memories with them.  The eggs can be used in the Easter egg hunts every year and when your kids are grown, their own children can use the same eggs their parents used when they were young.  How special would it be finding an egg that was hand painted by your parent or grandparent?

Home Baked Easter Cookies

Do you have a family cookie recipe that has been handed down the generations?  If you do, why not use the recipe and cut your cookies out in the shapes of bunnies, carrots, chooks and eggs? You could even use your cookies as rewards for the kids finding their painted wooden eggs during their Easter egg hunt. Even if you don’t have a family recipe to use, simply use your favourite cookie recipe and do the same.

Memories That Last

Creating lasting Easter traditions that are not wasteful isn’t hard, and a little creativity goes a long way.

You will find that once you have founded a new waste-free tradition to celebrate Easter in your family, it becomes a habit – that is essentially what tradition is after all, so why not Think Reusable and make some new waste free Easter traditions in your family this year that last for generations to come?

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