Boost Your Business With Eco Friendly Products

Eco friendly products work well in the home, but your clean and green habits don’t have to stop once you leave the house. If you’re the owner of a business or you’d simply like to see your workplace doing its bit to help out the environment, why not introduce some sustainable values to the office to boost your business?

Businesses have a large impact on the environment – all that printing, paper use, electricity, and other office supplies quickly add up. By taking a few eco friendly measures, you and your colleagues could cut your workplace’s impact on the environment by a substantial amount.

Here are some ideas on how to get started to boost you business the eco friendly way:

•     Encourage your colleagues to invest in reusable coffee cups for their morning brew, and stainless steel drink bottles instead of picking up a plastic one while on the run.

•     Reduce power usage by shutting down electronic devices at the end of the day and unplugging them from the power source.

•     If you bag products for customers, consider investing in reusable bags and encouraging customers to purchase one and bring it back at later dates.

•     Limit paper waste by distributing information online when you can. If you do need to use physical material, the Queensland Government suggests printing on both sides to reduce waste.

•     Recycle paper and any other waste that might accumulate in the office.

•     To really give your office that ‘green’ feel, you could even consider investing in green walls, in which plants and an eco system flourish on the roof or walls of your building.

By making just a few small changes, you and your colleagues can make a big difference when it comes to how we’re using the environment’s resources here in Australia.

Plus, aside from the environmental benefits, the Queensland Government also suggests that an eco friendly business can be a big attraction for customers, and could even enhance brand image.