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The gift-giving season is right around the corner, and that unfortunately often means more waste. During the holidays, it is estimated waste increases by about 30%, including leftover wrapping paper, food, and of course, gifts. Luckily, there are plenty of great eco-friendly gift ideas to cut down on waste and encourage environmentally-friendly living.

7 Great Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Every Friend on Your List

1. Reusable Travel Cup

From coffee travel mugs to water bottles, a great gift for anyone is a travel coffee cup. They can be used for far more than just hot drinks and are great at holding anything from hot chips to ice cream! Travel cups come in a range of colours and sizes so you can tailor the right size and colour for your loved one. Our eco-friendly gifts will help others cut down on single use plastic bottle waste and disposable coffee cup use.

2. Reusable Shopping Bags

Plastic bags are being phased-out or banned across the globe. This means reusable shopping bags made from recycled plastic drink bottles are not only a stylish gift but a practical one. This eco gift allows your shopper to keep plastic bags out of landfills, oceans, and animals’ stomachs as well as divert plastic waste from landfill. With so many colours and prints to choose from, they’ll get to express themselves too.

3. Metal Drink Bottles

Plastic water bottles take thousands of years to decompose. Buy these stainless steel drink bottles for your friends and family, so they can save the environment while simply re-hydrating.

4. Eco-Friendly Bag

Every person needs a bag to carry around their things, whether it’s a student carrying books, a business person with a laptop, or a parent with a diaper bag. One of the best eco-friendly gifts is an environmentally friendly bag. Lightweight but strong, these bags are made from recycled plastic drink bottles and fold down into a small convenient pouch for travel.

5. Mesh Produce Bag

When you head to the shop, often you need a bag to hold loose produce, however by using a reusable mesh produce bag made from recycled plastic drink bottles, instead of the lightweight plastic bags usually on offer, you can say no to single use plastic and hello to thinking reusable.

6. Online Gift Card

If you want to avoid waste, a great eco-friendly gift is to give an online gift card. Online gift cards allow your friends and family to purchase whatever they need while forgoing all packaging and wrapping. You can even purchase an online eco-friendly gift card to an environmentally friendly shop.

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