Fun And Educational Eco Family Challenges

If you want to encourage the younger members of your family to a more sustainable and eco friendly lifestyle, you can do so with some fun and educational eco challenges.

There are a lot of eco friendly choices including fun games, challenges and other measures you can take to help your family ease into green living and which will get the kids involved.

Table of Contents:

Indoor Eco Challenges

Family Cooking

Cooking from scratch doesn’t immediately raise your child’s consciousness and transform them into a proponent of all things food ethics. But the process and the relationship it brings about with food and its sources will lay a foundation for deeper consideration on the politics and ethics of food. Do some searches with your future cooks to find kid friendly reciepes that appeal to your whole family.

Virtual Field Trips

Visit destinations around the world from the comfort of your couch. By taking Virtual Field Trips With Your Kids you are not only reducing your carbon emmissions and nit impacting the planet with all the other aspects travel incurs, simply by staying at home you can have a fun way to educate your children and yourself too!

Zero Waste Lunchtimes

Give your children a turn at packing their school or picnic lunch with you by their side. Show them how to use reusable sandwich wrap and explain to them why there should no longer be any single-use plastic wrap, as it is unnecessarily wasteful and bad for the environment. You can also show them how the reusable wrap can be washed at the end of the day.

Encourage them not to buy bottled beverages, but to use a reusable stainless steel drink bottle instead.

Eco Crafts Challenge

The recycling bin is a great place to turn for craft inspiration. Not only are your kids able to express themselves through art, they are learning valuable lessons about recycling. Check these 54 Recycled Crafts for Kids to get you started.

Outdoor Eco Challenges

Geocaching Challenges

Geocaching is a treasure hunt using a GPS enabled device to find a geocache near your home or anywhere you want to go. Combining technology with outdoor adventure Geocaching is a great way to please all family members. Gather a group of people together for some fun and enjoying unstructured, free-range play.

Plant Something

Have your kids plant one object each in the garden or in a pot. It might be some seeds for a veggie garden, or a flower or small tree. Help them to nurture it as this helps to teach them the value of nature and how to look after it. Plus teaching your children to garden might even get a good return on your investment with some lettuce or tomatoes!

Energy Free-Zone Eco Challenges

Choose a time period where for an hour or so, every week, no power is to be used inside the home. That means the kids can’t watch television, go on the computer, or play video games. Instead, they need to do some physical activity and use their imaginations. If you’re really committed, you’ll join in too! This will help your household to save energy and will also feed your children’s creativity.

Practice Mindfulness

Being mindful is all about being aware of and tapped into your surroundings. Make it a daily activity to practice mindfulness. One easy activity is to choose a spot outside to spend 5-10 minutes each day. Pay particular attention to the sights and sounds you experience and how they change each day.


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