Get To Know The Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree

Trees are one of Mother Nature’s greatest creations and the rainbow eucalyptus tree is no exception. Not only do they act as a great provider of shade, a place to play and climb, enhance scenery and provide us with important resources such as houses and paper, they also suck up and store the very substance we aim to reduce by using eco friendly products.

According to Forest Learning, a Forest and Wood Products Australia initiative, Australian forests and wood products, such as paper, store around 57 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. This offsets approximately 10 per cent of all the carbon dioxide released in Australia.

There are thousands of tree species in the world, but some have some very interesting qualities. One of the most amazing trees in the world is definitely the Rainbow Eucalyptus, which almost looks as if it has come straight from a fictional story!

What’s special about the rainbow eucalyptus is it’s colourful, rainbow hued inner bark, which reveals in patches when the outer bark strips from the tree. Once a tree has shed plenty of patches of bark, the tree looks almost as if someone has painted bright and cheerful colours in patches all over the trunk – but it’s an entirely natural phenomenon!

Initially, the tree sheds its bark to reveal lime green inner bark, which then darkens and evolves into gorgeous blue, purple and orange tones over time, giving it that multi-coloured look.

According to Top Tropicals, the tree is native to the Philippines and the Daily Mail also cites Indonesia as a place of origin. However, it can also be found in Hawaii and Florida, and it is the only type of eucalyptus to grow in the Northern Hemisphere.

Funnily enough, the tree is not endemic in Australia – despite how prolific other eucalypt varieties are! However, the gorgeous tree is just an example of how incredible nature is, and highlights the need to plant more trees in the environment.