How to reduce waste around the home

How full is your household's rubbish bin at the end of each week? Is it half empty, comfortably full, or bursting at the seams?

Of course, if you have a large household your bin may become fuller than in a smaller household – but there are ways out there for everybody to cut down on their home's waste. Doing so will mean your lifestyle is more environmentally friendly, and consequently you may even end up saving some money.

Consider what you're buying

When you're in the supermarket, don't just grab your usual products from the shelves. Set aside a little more time and head out to the shops for a first 'eco friendly products' mission.

Take a look at the various products on offer. Some will come in minimal and simple packaging, compared to other items decked out with excess plastic and paper. When you can, go for the product that is going to generate less waste from its packaging.

Do try to recycle whatever packaging waste that is left over from your household items.

Use alternatives to single-use plastic

There are actually many easy to use and cost effective alternatives to single-use plastic items such as plastic wrap and bags.

For instance, one can easily replace traditional plastic supermarket bags with reusable shopping bags. These are even more convenient because they can be used for a range of needs, and are less likely to break when you're carrying heavy items.

Plastic from food and children's lunchboxes also adds up. Wrapping sandwiches and other items in plastic wrap daily ends up creating large amounts of waste, which can easily be reduced through the use of reusable sandwich wraps. These can be washed and used over and over – so say goodbye to plastic and watch your rubbish load decrease.