Pair Your Eco Friendly Products With Organic Produce

Unless you just particularly love the stylish design of eco friendly products, you probably purchase them in order to do your bit for the environment. However, have you thought about what role the produce you’re buying – and where it comes from – could play in terms of impact on the environment?

If you want to complement your use of a reusable bag or produce bag, it may pay to head down the organic produce aisle when you’re next doing your grocery shopping.

Organic farming has been found to have significantly less impact on the environment, by using natural practices and shunning the use of nasty synthetic products and chemicals.

Conventional farming methods often make use of chemicals and fertilisers that have been manufactured using fossil fuels, according to the Beyond Pesticides organisation. Fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas are non-renewable sources of energy, and using them can result in contribution toward global warming and pollution.

It’s possible that these chemicals could also end up in the environment and waterways around Australia, and may damage habitats, causing harm to animal health and upsetting the eco system.

Plus, chemicals such as antibiotics, hormones and pesticides have been linked to negative effects on human health, and may be present as residue on food when consumed, says the State Government of Victoria’s Better Health Channel.

In comparison, organic farms use all natural fertilisers and farming methods, thus avoiding many of these negative environmental and health-related impacts.

A recent study by researchers at Oxford University, published in the Journal of Applied Ecology, also found that organic farms may support up to 34 per cent more species than conventional farms do. In addition, non-organic farms were found to have an average of 50 per cent less pollinators such as bees.

Buying organic could be a way to help out the environment even further. By filling your produce bag with organic goodies, you’re supporting the natural farming practices of organic farms, while also protecting our environment and your family’s health. What’s not to love?