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Handy reusable shopping bags that scrunch up into a small pouch when not in use, and easily expand to carry all your shopping when needed.

Size: Small | Large | Tote



Our reusable shopping bags are made from rPet material – recycled plastic drink bottles.

With tonnes of single use plastic going into landfill every day, we decided it was time to take action and our gorgeous range of reusable shopping bags was born.

It’s exciting to think that the bag you carry your shopping home in is made of “rubbish” otherwise destined for landfill.

You will find our bags super strong and they are often capable of holding far more than you may be able to carry!

What makes our reusable shopping bags so good?

Our lightweight bags are also incredibly compact. Folding up into a pouch the size of your fist, our shopping bags are super convenient to carry. They also feature a sturdy carabiner clip so you can clip your shopping bag onto your handbag or belt. Never leave your reusable shopping bags at home again!

The built-in shoulder strap also comes in very handy when you simply do not have enough hands. Inside the bag, you will find the pouch and drawstring with the carabiner attached. Simply clip the carabiner into the small caddy loop found on the inside near the bag opening, and your bag is now a tote.

The caddy loops on the inside of the bag opening can be used by the checkout attendant and slipped over the plastic bag dispenser most checkouts use. This allows the checkout attendant to more easily pack your shopping bags for you.

On the front of the bag you will find a small pocket. This is useful to hold your shopping list and pen or mobile phone and car keys, or any other small items.


  • Convenient carabiner clip means it is literally always ‘On ya’
  • Built-in shoulder strap makes this a very versatile bag
  • Built-in shopping caddy loops for easy packing
  • Just 50g total weight
  • Useful front pocket
  • Holds up to 6kg/13lb
  • Measures 47cm wide x 58cm high/18.5in wide x 22.8in high
  • Made from up to 10 plastic bottles
  • 12 month Manufacturers Warranty

A note on our packaging: Our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging which is made from post-consumer recycled material and printed with water based inks so it is suitable for both recycling or composting. We ship low waste and plastic free, reusing boxes and packing materials where we can or FSC certified shipping envelopes that are 100% recyclable.

Onya is proud to be a B Corporation. Our products are responsibly made in China and are 100% recyclable at the end of their long life cycle.

Included in Onya’s product range is a range of shopping bags made from recycled plastic bottles. These quality reusable shopping bags have amazing properties, such that you would never guess what they were made from if you didn’t already know.

Our reusable shopping bags are attractive, practical, and versatile.

They are brightly coloured and super strong, yet the weave is incredibly fine and the thread count is amazingly high. It makes a very durable and versatile product that can be scrunched down to a tiny attached pouch when not in use, but then expands to a full sized shopping bag you can pack your groceries in.

High strength and comfort

Unlike regular plastic shopping bags, our reusable bags don’t sag or tear. The handles are ergonomically designed to be comfortable, and the soft material won’t dig into your flesh like the handles on other shopping bags.

Safe and convenient

They’re also much easier to use and far more convenient that “supermarket issue” reusable shopping bags. We even added a shoulder strap so you can carry more bags, or keep your hands free for other things.

Safe, comfortable, and reliable, Onya has the best reusable shopping bags available online.

Plenty of reusable bags options

Our reusable shopping bags are available in two different sizes and several different colours and designs. We set out to design the perfect reusable shopping bags for Australia, and what we produced exceeded even our own expectations.

The small bags carry around the same capacity as a regular shopping bag, while the larger size (at 58cm high) can comfortably accommodate taller or stacked items with no issues.

The caddy loops on the inside of the bag opening can be used by the checkout attendant and slipped over the plastic bag dispenser most checkouts use. This allows the checkout attendant to more easily pack your shopping bags for you.

Getting the best from your reusable shopping bags

Because they are so strong and can hold up to several kilos each, it can be tempting to overfill them. We instead recommend to spread your shopping load across multiple bags to make carrying more comfortable. You can also use the built in shoulder strap to make it easier to carry several loads.

The bags also have a pocket that you can use to hold small items like a shopping list, pen, or pocket calculator.

Why we think Onya’s reusable shopping bags are the best

All the features listed above are just some of the many reasons we believe these are the best reusable shopping bags online (or anywhere).

But we think the very best thing about them is that each one is made from up to ten recycled plastic bottles, helping to reduce plastic waste in our landfills and waterways.

Using these bags also helps to promote environmental consciousness, so hopefully, more people will be inspired to make the ethical and responsible choice of preferring recycled reusable shopping bags over disposables.

Onya specialises in a great range of reusable products throughout Australia. You can also find a selection of reusable produce bags, reusable sandwich wraps, reusable grocery bags, reusable coffee cups, reusable vegetable bags, snack bags & more. Browse our latest range online.

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Additional information

Weight 75 g
Dimensions 19 × 11 × 3.5 cm

50 reviews for Onya Large Shopping Bags

  1. Avatar for Victoria R

    Victoria R

    Not tried it yet but looks good

  2. Avatar for Belinda T

    Belinda T

    Have to admit I was surprised at just how large this bag is. I’d probably try a smaller size next time . It holds a lot of groceries and I just love the turtle! Tucks into a little bag with a clip that when opened can be used to make a shoulder strap.

  3. Avatar for Alice R

    Alice R

    5 Stars

  4. Avatar for Hazel D

    Hazel D

    5 Stars

  5. Avatar for Gill K

    Gill K

    5 Stars

  6. Avatar for Ann B

    Ann B

    Awesome bag
    This is my second purchase – first one still going strong. They hold a multitude of stuff, very strong and stuff down to nearly nothing – excellent value.

  7. Avatar for Sally W

    Sally W

    Great bag
    Great for having in the car for unexpected shopping, love the bright colour can’t be missed. Even my husband looks for this bag for shopping trips.

  8. Avatar for Jen L

    Jen L

    Really good –
    Like the size and ability to convert but quite thick material so doesn’t compress as much as I’d like. 10 stars for customer service and values!

  9. Avatar for Carol D

    Carol D

    Mini Marvel
    This bag is amazing. Compact yet unfolds to a great size & looks absolutely top quality & beautiful. Just love it & will be gifting these to others!

  10. Avatar for Maria K

    Maria K

    Onya bags have become indispensable for all our family members, men and women alike. We love the shape that makes it easy to carry groceries and all other stuff home. We use them to go to Yoga and Pilates, we never leave the house either with a bag clipped to our handbag or the men without one in a pocket. They are trendy, sustainable and utterly convenient.

  11. Avatar for Jeff P

    Jeff P

    love these bags. Heavy carrying, light easy to fold and store.

  12. Avatar for Jacki B

    Jacki B

    light and large easy to carry and fixes to my bag also didnt take long to arrive

  13. Avatar for Sian G

    Sian G

    Great selection of colours and designs, have bought as gifts for both male and females, Like the feature of the storage bag being attached and the the clip can be put on a set of keys so that you are more likely to reuse it. Hoping to encourage my family to use this instead of continually buying plastic bags!

  14. Avatar for Jane G

    Jane G

    I just love these bags! They are a great size for shopping trips. Washable and take up no space when not in use.

  15. Avatar for Lesley T

    Lesley T

    It’s great! my first one lasted many years, at least 10, I mended it several times but felt it now needed replacing. They are roomy and strong. I love them

  16. Avatar for Don M

    Don M

    Speedy delivery. Large shopping bag folds down into compact holder and carries a lot of shopping…Very pleased

  17. Avatar for Linda B

    Linda B

    I was given one of the original Onya bags years ago and it’s still as good as ever. It seems indestructible.
    My new one looks to be just as strong and well made, it packs down just as small and the large size is huge! I love it and I’m so happy

  18. Avatar for Ann B

    Ann B

    The large shopping bag is wonderful very sturdy and it is surprising what it will hold, love the bread bag. Thank you Onya love your work.

  19. Avatar for Margaret G

    Margaret G

    Great shopping bags. Easy to wash, drip dies on the line very quick.

  20. Avatar for Louise M

    Louise M

    Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I bought one of your Onya bags in 2005 in Greenwich market in London. I use it all the time and it is still going very strong. It was initially to add to the handles of my kids buggy for all their baby stuff and groceries, now it is used for all sorts of things. We live in Canada now so it’s happily made its way to a new continent. Thank you! My mum still has hers from the same time, going strong!

  21. Avatar for Bronwen J

    Bronwen J

    So happy to have found Onya again! Their shopping bags are the best, as well as being environmentally friendly. Even though initially it was a bit worrying ordering from Australia everything turned out fine! Thank you

  22. Avatar for Genelle G

    Genelle G

    Love my shopping bags, highly recommend them to anyone wanting a reusable bag.
    Great product Great service 😊

  23. Avatar for Margarita


    Just bought one after using my daughter’s one but quite disappointed with the material. Not half as soft as her’s and it means it will still become an environmental hazard eventually. And why oh why do you not display the very attractive (older?) original Onya logo prominently on the outer bag? Colour choices are odd too. I wish I had not bought it now. Useful but unattractive. Sad.

    • Avatar for Onya HQ

      Onya HQ

      Hi Margarita,

      Thanks much for your feedback and we’re sorry to hear you are disappointed with the material we have been using for our bags these last several years. I could not find a record of you as a customer in our system so I am surmising you purchased your bag via a stockist either in person or online.

      We had redesigned our logo years ago and once we did we stopped using the old logo everywhere, including on the bags themselves.

      Our bags were originally made from parachute silk and all our bags are now made from rPET, which is a material made from BPA free recycled plastic drink bottles. The two fabrics do feel very different, and rPET does soften after it has been used a number of times so it will also feel different to how it feels now as a new bag after some use.

      We moved away from the parachute silk to rPET as creating an eco friendly product in this way – from an already existing material rather than straight from scratch – saves on energy and resources and also means there is less plastic polluting the natural environment or wasting away in landfill. It is these processes and products that will help us build a more sustainable planet and way of living, rather than simply churning through resources and living beyond our means.

      The rPET bags (and all our products) are fully recyclable at the end of their long life and are not an environmental hazard if properly disposed of when the time comes. If you cannot find a rPET recycler, our bags (along with all Onya products) can be returned to us for recycling through our partnership with TerraCycle, making Onya a 100% zerowaste business and providing a closed loop system for all the products we produce.

      I hope the above information clears up any confusion, especially the impression you had that the bags are any kind of environmental hazard as for the most part they are the exact opposite of an environmental hazard.

      If you have any questions or need any further clarifications please do not hesitate to get in touch.

  24. Avatar for Victoria H

    Victoria H

    Good products & the interesting patterns & colours promote conversations with others – hopefully changing behaviour in a positive way. (& good gifts!)

  25. Avatar for Yvonne F

    Yvonne F

    Love your product and have received positive feedback from my local stores and also other customers – I have passed on your product to more than a few people since my purchase. Thank you.

  26. Avatar for Kylie M

    Kylie M

    I bought some shopping bags about 6 months ago and have been using them frequently. They are great quality you can fit heaps in them and they have withstood the weight. I’m super happy. Thanks

  27. Avatar for Heather W

    Heather W

    I love my ONYA purchases . The large shopping bag is capacious … and I’d love it to fit onto my shoulder so that I can carry other things … so a longer handle as well?

  28. Avatar for Flanas


    Another wonderful Onya product to help ‘green’ up our shopping trips! I get lots of lovely comments about the deep size (I bought the large) and quality of these bags. The carry pouch and carabiner is fantastic for clipping the bags together on my trolley or handbag. I always have them clipped together in my car so I never forget them for a shopping trip. I especially love the choice of colours and designs. They are beautiful! Thanks Onya and keep up the great work!

  29. Avatar for Matt W

    Matt W

    Great product, well thought out. Attached pocket is genius. Very sturdy and surprising how much they hold!

  30. Avatar for Margaret T

    Margaret T

    I have used Onya bags for a few years. The large bags hold lots of shopping, are very strong and I love the way they pack into their little bag by just scrunching them in.I keep 6 of them in my handbag. I recently bought more as well as the new bread bags. Excellent products and recycle plastic bottles as well..

  31. Avatar for Jennifer H

    Jennifer H

    Took the large bag for it’s first run at the local growers market today and was pleased with the amount of produce it can hold and how comfortable the handle was for a fabric bag.

  32. Avatar for Sarah M

    Sarah M

    I bought this along with a small bag and 8 pack of produce bags and it was the best thing I’ve done since recycled bottles ;-).
    The big bag is great for those longer items like celery that are otherwise impossible to carry. Great quality, easy to stuff and a take up a small amount of space in my handbag which isn’t big and also carries the small bag and 8 pack of produce bags. I also get compliments at the checkout for both the shopping and produce bags. I’ve since re-purchased more shopping and produce bags for my mum.

  33. Avatar for Carol G

    Carol G

    Love this bag and use it regularly. It holds an enormous amount and hope to purchase more as Christmas gifts.

  34. Avatar for Madeleine M

    Madeleine M

    Bought one 2 weeks ago and used it straight away, not only for shopping but also as a suitcase for 3 nights away. So impressed, I bought a 2nd one. Love the way, I can carry both in my handbag, taking up hardly any room at all.

  35. Avatar for Karina


    Love it, fits in my pocket or can clip on, no excuses now to be without a bag!

  36. Avatar for Sarah


    I was first given an Onya bag in 2004. I liked it so much I bought a few more, along with produce bags. 12 years later and they are still as good as new, despite being used every week!!
    I really like this larger style for the groceries (leeks, celery etc) and I am confident that these will last forever too.
    Another bonus, these large bags are exactly the right size to carry large x-rays to medical appointments ( a few too many sporting injuries!).

  37. Avatar for Erica


    Have the large and medium in these bags and they fit heaps in them although they pack away so small 🙂

  38. Avatar for Tonya


    I’m actually a bit disappointed in the large bag. Several years ago I bought one and it was made from parachute like material. The thing I love about it is that it just keeps stretching to hold all my groceries. I think I only overfilled it twice! This one seems to be of a stiffer material that does not appear to stretch. Good thing they are gifts and I still have my original.

    • Avatar for Onya HQ

      Onya HQ

      Hi Tonya,
      Yes, instead of virgin materials such as the parachute silk, our bags are now made from recycled plastic drink bottles so our bags have a much lower carbon footprint. Even though the rPET is stiffer than the parachute silk you will find that they definitely soften with time and will stretch a little but not quite as much as the parachute silk. Hopefully as your bags wear in and soften, you will find that you can still fit almost as much into them as with your old bags 🙂

  39. Avatar for Amanda D

    Amanda D

    Bought the large size, which is huge, but easily stuffs back into it’s pouch to carry in your hand bag, love it.

  40. Avatar for Mary H

    Mary H

    Love my shopping bags!

  41. Avatar for Dani


    I’ve been using my Onya shopping bags for 5 years and they are still in the same condition as when I bought them. Great material, really strong, lightweight and small to carry, look great. These are the only reusable bag I would ever buy.

  42. Avatar for Joadi


    These bags are terrific. The large size fits a whole heap of stuff in it and is durable. I love the way it folds back up into its own little bag so I haven’t got an excuse not to have it with me when I shop. I also love the Live Local Buy Local design. It advertises itself. 🙂

  43. Avatar for Judith


    Huge bag – best things are how small it packs up; the gusset in the base means you can carry items flat (e.g. containers of prepared food you’re taking somewhere); it can fit a lot in; and it uses up recycled plastic bottles. Downside is that it can easily end up too heavy to carry, and the handles can cut in. Very quick & efficient ordering and mail out. Overall very happy and will order more.

  44. Avatar for Alison


    I have been using Onya bags since 2000 and would never be without one. I use all sizes and have more recently discovered the produce bags. Ideal. Goodbye all plastic bags!

  45. Avatar for Lyn Hale

    Lyn Hale

    I bought my first Onya bag at Markets in Cairns back in 2013, and its been used almost daily. With Christmas fast approaching I thought it would make nice gifts, but I think I may keep them for myself, they are so practical and long lasting. Excellent service, and received within a couple of days. Pretty good for Perth!!

  46. Avatar for Debbie Norton

    Debbie Norton

    Great bag, perfect size and folds up so small.

    Would be perfect if it came with shoulder straps, the handles are a bit hard on the hands when carrying heavy items.

    • Avatar for Trish


      Thanks for that Debbie. Try inverting the pouch and clipping the caribiner to the opposing supermarket caddy loop. Instant shoulder strap 🙂

  47. Avatar for Debbie B

    Debbie B

    Love my ‘Big Onya’. Can fit so much more in.

  48. Avatar for Leah


    Handy, stylish, love demonstrating it to salespeople at the counter when they comment as I pull my bag out, and great gifts for friends. And I’ve always had excellent service when I’ve bought them online!

  49. Avatar for Sue Smart

    Sue Smart

    I simply love Onya bags. I’ve been using them for years and have posted them overseas where they have been a huge hit. I did prefer the original fabric as it was easier to pack into the pouch. Having said that the new fabric is definitely stronger.

  50. Avatar for Liss_R


    I love this thing! While it’s brilliant for shopping with bulky-but-light items like cereal boxes, the big bag comes into it’s own travelling. It’s tiny in your luggage but perfect and secure for shopping in markets, taking clothes to a laundromat, and lugging the heavy coat until it’s needed. Seriously. Travel with one!

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